Meet The Triad Team

Service-oriented, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Jeff Gilchrist, home inspector 

WI License# 3048-106 

With a background in the trades as an educator, certified welder, home re-modeler, and full-service handyman, Jeff is uniquely qualified to bring a wealth of experience and wisdom to the home inspections he provides for his satisfied clients. His years of training and experience as an educator and home inspector has instilled a work ethic, people-oriented approach, and attention to detail that puts the home owner or potential buyer at ease. The inspection process is now a personal learning experience that equips the customer to make a more informed decision when the time comes to sell or buy a home. 

Home Inspector, Home owner, Builder, Tradesman, Teacher, Communicator, Handyman. Add high performance standard and attention to detail and it sounds like the qualities in a home inspector you can trust! 

Finally and foremost, Jeff is passionate follower of Jesus Christ and has devoted his adult life to service. He has also partnered with Inhabit Milwaukee, helping with the rehabilitation of foreclosed properies in Milwaukee's central city. 

Kai Cook, home inspector, 21West LLC 

Contractor, Triad Home Inspection

WI License# 3220-106

After 21 years as a teacher of students of special needs-all which he cherished-Kai set aside his passion for education and pursued another heartfelt vocation-construction.

For over five years, he remodeled, repaired, and maintained a number of properties for an independent owner. During this time, he refined his rough/finish carpentry skills and multiple other disciplines-from drywall to tile work to electrical work. Kai is a well-versed contractor who understands the complexities of home inspection, as well as the labor and skill-intensive needs of the remodeling market.

You can count on him for his honesty, integrity, and passion for helping everyone in the process--the buyers, sellers, and agents. You can also rely on his is the most valuable service he provides. He looks forward to the opportunity to serve your needs and help you understand what's truly most critical in choosing your next home.